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Known to Services

In 2020, the homelessness epidemic and housing crisis in Ireland has reached crisis point and continues to grow. This is in stark contrast to Ireland’s recent ranking as the world’s 3rd most powerful economy in the world in terms of GDP per capita.

Known to Services started out as a documentary short about homelessness on the streets of Dublin. The project explored the fragility of life in Ireland, the statistics of country’s economic strength versus its spiralling housing crisis - and the disparity of wealth and culture that comes along with it. However, over the course of the two and a half years of its development the conflicts, stories, experiences and struggles taught some very valuable lessons, each of which with their own message about Irish society. A documentary short would not suffice. All of these messages should be shared.

Known to Services is a series of short mixed media explainer videos to be shared online for mass consumption. The project is ongoing.

Regie / Direction / Régie

Produktion / Production

Colm Molloy

Technische Angaben / Technical information / Informations techniques

  • Produktionsjahr/Year/Année: 2020
  • Format/Format/Format: Mixed Media Video

Weitere Informationen / More information / Informations additionelles

  • Schule/School/Ecole: Hochschule Luzern, Design & Kunst http://www.hslu.ch
  • Modul/Module: MA Film - Short Motion
  • Mentoring/Mentorship/Mentorat: Robert Müller, Fred Truniger
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro
  • Zielgruppe/Target audience/Public ciblé: Irish Citizens
  • Genre: Documentation Video, Animation, Motion Graphics