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2018 autumn semester curriculum
2018 spring semester curriculum

First Year

1st Semester - Autumn

DK.AN100.15 Storytelling I

DK.AN101.16 Technik I

DK.AN102.16 Sound I

DK.AN103.16 Art Skills

DK.AN104.16 Stop Motion I

DK.AN105.16 Zeichentrick I (2D Animation I - basics)

DK.AN106.16 CGI I

2nd Semester - Spring

DK.AN110.16 Expanded Animation II

DK.AN111.16 Sound II

DK.AN112.16 Zeichentrick II (2D Animation II - continuation)

DK.AN113.16 Stop Motion II

DK.AN114.16 CGI II

DK.AN115.16 Animation I

Second Year

3rd Semester - Autumn

DK.AN200.15 Angewandtes Projekt (applied project)

DK.AN201_1.15 Storytelling II

DK.AN201_2.15 Concept Art

DK.AN201_3.15 Animation II

DK.AN201_4.15 CGI III / VFX I

DK.AN201_5.15 Sound III

4th Semester - Spring

DK.AN210.16 Digital Cut Out

DK.AN211.16 Expanded Animation II

DK.AN212.16 Compositing

Third Year

5th Semester - Autumn

DK.AN300.16 Experimental Narration

DK.AN301.16 CGI IV / Animation IV


DK.AN303.16 Projektvorbereitung Kreation (project development: creation)

DK.AN304.16 Projektvorbereitung Technologie (project development: technology)

DK.AN305.16 Dossierkurs Kreation (dossier course: creation)

DK.AN306.16 Dossierkurs Technologie (dossier course: technology)

6th Semester - Spring

DK.AN310.16 Bachelor-Arbeit künstlerisch-gestalterisch (artistic/practical Bachelor project)

DK.AN311.16 Bachelor-Präsentation (Bachelor presentations)

Extra-curricular options

NAKU Mini-courses given by students for students, designed to help with learning specific programs (Maya, ProTools etc...)

Evening Drawing Sessions are held once every 2 weeks from the beginning of the autumn semester all the way into February

LuMAA CGI animation summer workshop

Out of Home Animation: Experimental analogue summer workshop