BA Examination Timeline

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Graduation year 2022 / 2023

This page is the timeline for the BA Examination process and is is subject to changes, please consult regularly.

Also see at the entries starting with "3.BA" on the Animation Students Calendar.

Date Task Details Deadline
6. Sept 22 Pitch Pitch Prep

Learn the most important rules of presenting a project, discuss the design of your pitch poster and - most importantly - test your pitch!

7. Sept 22 Pitch Pitch Poster Deadline

Anyone who wishes to pitch a project should upload their poster (will be sent to you by ASO) to server > projekte > 3BA_Projektordner > pitch. The school will take care of printing the posters for you. Please download and work with the .indd file to be found in: animation -> studierende -> Vorlagen -> Vorlage_Poster

Upload to server and email ASO&Daniela by 11:00
13. Sept 22 Pitch Pitch Day

Each pitch must be done in under 3 minutes. Pitches will be held in English. Voting sheets have to be emailed to ASO by 14. Sept 11:00 and the posters will hang until the end of the selection process.

Room 145 14:00-16:00
19. Sept 22 Thesis Thesis Kick-Off

You will receive information from Christian Gasser about your upcoming thesis. You can contact your thesis-mentor of choice as of now.

Room 151 9:00
14. Sept 22 Pitch Pitch Choice Deadline

Choose which 3 projects you could imagine working on, naming the project title, your favourite imagined role on the project, plus specific functions and talents you could imagine working on. E-mail your choices to ASO.

E-mail by 11:00
15. Sept 22 Pitch Selection Results

The ranking of Pitches is presented and suggestions made as to how to form groups.

Room tba, 14:00 - 16:00
16. Sept 22 Pitch Selection Feedback

Meetings with Jürgen Haas can be requested to help form groups or receive further feedback on the results of the Pitch Selection.

E-mail jha to request meetings
28. Sept 22 Thesis Name your Thesis Mentor and Topic

Note: you should have contacted your mentor of choice by 26. Sept to make sure they have the capacity. E-mail your confirmation to ASO and your mentor.

E-mail by 11:00
19. Sept -

7. Okt 22

BA project Project Development Module

your project's content will be honed with Marina Rosset and Špela Čadez.

Room 140 and various
29. Sept 22 BA Project Name your Project Mentor

Contact and get a "yes" from your mentor of choice. You can choose from our list of Dozierende or someone from outside school if you are doing a portfolio or if there is a solid reason for your need.

E-mail ASO by 12:00
TBA BA Project Project development module presentations Room tba
17. Okt 22 Thesis Exposé Deadline

upload your PDF with the following naming convention: year_yourname_titleofwork_Exposé (i.e. 2022_SaraSmith_WordsandImages_Exposé) to the following folder on the server:

projects -> _2022/23_BA-THESIS -> 2022-23_BA-Thesis_EXPOSE

Upload to server and email your mentor & ASO

by 11:00

6. Dec 22 Thesis First Draft Thesis

upload your PDF named year_yourname_titleofwork_Draft (i.e. 2018_SaraSmith_Words_Draft) to projects -> _2022/23_BA-THESIS -> _2022-23_BA-THESIS

Upload to server and email your mentor & ASO

by 13:00

28. Nov - 16. Dec 22 BA Project Dossier Module

you will develop a written dossier and a storyboard to apply for funding with Gerd Gockell

Room 151
TBA 21 or 22 Dec 22 BA Project Animatic Editing Session 1

a session with Dominik Gehring to discuss and evaluate the state of your project's current animatic

Location and timetable tba by ASO / Gehring
22. Dec 22 BA Project First Draft Dossier

upload your PDF named year_projectname_Draft (i.e. 2022_BestFilmEver_Draft) to server > projects > 3BA_Projektordner > 01_Dossier

Upload to server

by 18:00

10. Jan 23 BA project

Dossier deadline (digital)

Late delivery implies the immediate disqualification from the BA-process. No FX possible!

Upload your PDF named year_projectname_Dossier (i.e. 2018_BestFilmEver_Dossier) to the folder on the server by 17:00 (Folder: server > projects > 3BA_Projektordner > 01_Dossier)

Uploaded to server by 17:00
10. Jan 23 BA project Animatics upload

Upload your animatics (converted down to under 250MB!) named year_projectname_AnimaticV1 (i.e. 2018_BestFilmEver_AnimaticV1) to the same folder as your Dossier PDF.

Upload to server

by 16:00

11. Jan 23 BA Project Pitch ZHdK

ZHdK film-music composing students will visit us and receive a short presentation of your films after which you can network. Prepare a Vimeo/youtube upload off your Animatic as well as a fact sheet as learned in 2nd BA. The pitch is also for the speech-academy students via Zoom.

Cinema REX 10-12:00 & Zoom
14. Jan 23 Thesis Last Feedback from Thesis Mentors

From this date on, your mentors have finished their collaboration with you until the completion of your thesis. Make sure to get the necessary last tipps early enough!

Individually by E-mail
16. Jan 23 BA project

Dossier deadline (printed)

Late delivery implies the immediate disqualification from the BA-process. No FX possible!

3 printed physical copies to be placed on the desk of the ASO by 10:00

In office on Kat's desk by 12:00
31. Jan 23 Thesis

Thesis deadline digital & analogue

Late delivery implies the immediate disqualification from the BA-process. No FX possible!

- upload your PDF named year_yourname_titleofwork_Thesis (i.e. 2023_SmithSara_WordsandImages_Thesis) to server -> projects -> _2022-23_BA-THESIS -> 2022-23_BA-Thesis_THESIS-FINAL

- email copy to Kat and your mentor

- put 1 physical printed copy onto the ASO's desk or, in case the office is closed, leave them in the letterbox in front of the ASO office 157

Both by 12:00
2. Feb 23 BA project Kick-Off Lineproducing

Lineproducer Marwan Eissa will present you some thoughts on the production pipeline and give examples of past break-down sheets of well organized projects. From then on he will talk to teams individually on a bi-weekly basis.

Room tba, 10:00 - 12:00
11. Feb '23 BA project Sounddesign concept

send a current animatic (.mp4, less than 100MB) with your music layout and a description of your sound design concept to Thomas Gassmann, Jeroen Visser and Christof Steinmann

E-mail by 17:00
15.-17. Feb '23 BA project Sounddesign talks

First round of talks with our school sounddesigners Jeroen Visser/ Christof Steinmann and Thomas Gassmann. Each group will have a one hour meeting. Sequence of short meetings will be announced by Thomas Gassmann

Soundstudio U133/ Zoom
TBA Feb 23 BA project Acting reference shots:

guest-actresses and actors will work with you on key shots of your film.

Room tba, all day
tba Feb 23 BA project Animatic editing session 2

a second session with Dominik Gehring to discuss and evaluate the state of your project's current edit.

Location and timetable tba
TBA Feb 23 BA project Voice recording option

Get in touch with Thomas Gassman if you want to reserve a session.

Afternoon, Sound studio
28. Feb./ 1. & 3. Mar 23 BA project Voice recording sessions with the Speech Academy

Get in touch with Thomas Gassman if you want to reserve a session.

Sound studio, all day
23. Feb 23 BA project Production Meeting 1: Orange light

We will watch the current state of your animatic with lineproducing, sound, 3rd year overseeing and mentors and discuss the progress of your film, and you will present your state of production and next steps & milestones.

ALL DAY, room tba
23. Feb 23 BA project Mitarbeiterbörse / Helper's market

get helpers on board by holding a presentation of your project for lower classes and alumni where you can tell them what you're looking for.

17:30, room tba
10. Mar '22 MA Deadline for applying for the Master Film / Master Animation at HSLU Contact MA
16. Mar 23 Exam Examination criteria (practical work)

Choose a subject from your project to be judged by in particular (for example set design, concept art, story, animation, character design, editing etc...)

Any changes in your subject after that must be discussed with Jürgen Haas!

E-mail ASO by 11:00
30. März 23 BA project Production Meeting 2: Foley Greenlight

Meeting with Mentors, 3rd year overseeing, sound and lineproducing to evaluate if proceeding with foleys in April is feasible. You will present your animatic and your current state of production.

ALL DAY, room tba
10. April '23 BA Project Foley List & Animatic (via mail/,,, for Dieter Hebben's preparation mail/


11. April 23 BA project Animatic Editing Session 3

last session with Dominik Gehring in case a project seems to need it at Production Meeting 2.

Location and timetable tba
17.4. - 26.4. 23 BA project Foley recordings in Lucerne

PICTURELOCK for Foleys 2 days before your recording session (will be communicated by Thomas Gassmann or ASO)

Mai/June 23 BA Project Sound Timeline incl. Foley Session, Sound Edit, Sound design and Mix will be announced by the Sound Mentors in April, contact Thomas Gassmann for further Information
16. May '22 Thesis Thesis Erstgutachten: grades and feedback

are sent to Jürgen Haas and ASO

E-mail ASO by 11:00
25. May 23 Promo Postcard files deadline

Make a folder with your project's name in: server > projects > 3BA_projektordner > Postcards Add one tiff-picture (min. 1900 x 1370 px) and your sponsor's logos. Big sponsor logos are added by Gerd Gockell. If you are supported by a small community/institution, ask them if they want their name to be mentioned in writing as a logo.Please note that 3mm will be cut off on each side! Optionally you can add a square picture as postage-stamp placeholder for the back.

Add the following information as an .rtf or .word file: Film title, length in minutes, names of directors, e-mail addresses, sponsors. (Think about creating your own e-mail for on the postcard i.e.

Important: your film title will be definite from now on! Postcard-designs must be greenlighted by your mentors in advance, and by Gerd Gockell finally.

Upload to Server by 16:00
25. May 23 Promo Poster file deadline

The prototype to work with can be found on the server > studierende > Vorlagen > Poster.

Add Logos of your major sponsors. Poster-designs must be greenlighted by your mentors in advance! Upload to: server > projects > 3BA_projektordner > Poster

Upload to server by 16:00
23. May '22 Thesis Thesis Zweitgutachten: grades are sent to Jürgen Haas and ASO E-mail ASO by 11:00
TBA May and June 23 BA project Fantoche & Locarno preview version

For projects that are in an advanced state of completion, a work-in-progress version may be sent to both juries. Requirements will be communicated in advance by ASO or the promotion coordinator

Wetransfer to Chantal by 12:00 midday
24. or 31. May 23 Exam Presentation Skills

Mandatory 1-day workshop to enhance your presentation skills. Given in 2 groups. (Group projects 24th and solo projects on 31st)

Groups tba by ASO
30 May 23 BA project Credits check

Upload screenshots or, preferably, a .mov (under 100MB!) of your credits for inspection to the server.

Final OK by Jürgen Haas and ASO.

Upload to server by 11:00
9. June 23 Exam Examination criteria (presentation)

Choose an aspect of your final presentation which is to be judged by in particular (for example language skills in english, entertainment factor, graphic design of the presentation, free speaking (without notes), logical structure of presentation, clarity of technical explanations... ) Any changes in your subject after that must be discussed with Jürgen Haas!

E-mail ASO by 11:00
tbc BA exhibition CoVid Version: uncertain!

Assembly of the BA animation's exhibition space at the HSLU Werkschau. Detailled timetables will be sent to you by ASI.

13. June '22 (mentors) Exam Mentors & Lineproducing send their feedback to the projects with focus on method skills and self-organisation skills. (Will not be communicated to students yet) E-mail to Jürgen Haas & ASO
9. June 23 Exam

Deadline FINAL FILM FILES & engl. Subtitles

Late delivery implies the immediate disqualification from the BA-process. No FX possible!

this version will be shown at your BA presentation in front of the jury and at the Werkschau.

For complete list of requirements, see "Required Records" under: BA Examination

> only finished films will be shown at the Premiere

Upload to server by 16:00, folder tba by ASO
17. June '22 Exam Deadline for completing Ani-Wiki entry for your personal page and the film page

The promotion coordinator can not promote your film without a completed page.

Please always use the latest templates to create the pages:

> Template for Studentfilm

> Template for Studentpage

Complete all entries by 16:00
21. June '22 Exam Deadline BA Powerpoint-Presentation

until 16:00 upload your BA presentation (as Powerpoint or Keynote file) to the server under: projects -> _3BA_Projektordner -> 09_presentation file -> NameOfYourFilm

> At your presentation in front of the Jury, we will use exactly these files collected on one laptop

Upload to server by 16:00
22.-24. June '22 Exams

BA presentations

Each group presents in front of the Jury (see "Presentations" paragraph on the BA-Examination page). At the end of the two days your grades for the BA project and thesis are announced.

Timetable tba by ASO
24.6. '22 BA exhibition Vernissage HSLU Werkschau

Vernissage of the HSLU Werkschau in the evening with a little apéro and then: school party!

25.6. - 3.7. '22 BA exhibition HSLU Werkschau

Students take turns looking after the animation department's exhibition space.

Timetable arranged by ASI
29.6. '22 Premiere


Premiere of all the BA projects, back to back, with surprise guests and team portraits! Make yourself some popcorn and tune in! (normally in the Cinema MAXX, this year maximum a small event for the 3.BA graduating class. Guests and media will not be present, sadly still no big School Apéro after the screening...) Links and passwords will be sent to you by ASI in due time.

Online 18:00-21:00
30. June Cleaning Give back your chest of drawers (Korpus) and lamps to ASI Infos follow from ASI
TBA July Ani-Grill Ani-Grill // CoVid Version: stay flexible

Animation department's end-of-semeser barbecue party! Apéro-Verein will send you an invitation and infos on what to bring.

This year we will provide masks and hold the party entirely out-doors!

Animation terrace, 18:00
5. & 6. July BA project Promotion day / Springboard to Reality

Chantal Molleur and guests inform you of the further proceedings with your BA film. Topics will be: getting started in the professional world, how to work the festival run of your film & school support.



tba Cleaning Disassembly of BA exhibition Infos follow from ASI
5. July Promo Deadline for trailers of your film

Details to follow from ASO. Pay attention to correct use of HSLU logos

> Only films with trailers will be promoted on Animation HSLU's vimeo page!

> The trailer will be uploaded to our vimeo site and can be linked to your vimeo account. (make a vimeo account!)

> Do not upload your final film immediately to any online platform without consulting the promotion coordinator first. You can upload you entire film after it has done its first round of important festivals (usually about a year) to your platform of choice.

> Please create a link to our website as the producer of your film.

Upload to server by 16:00