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Jonas Alexander Bienz (* august 28th 1993 in Winterthur, CH) is an Animation Student at Hochschule Luzern – Design und Kunst. He's specialisied in 3D computer graphics. In this field he focuses on organic simulations and visual effects. His personal work usually has a slope to surrealism.


He did his High School Certificate at Kantonschule im Lee (Winterthur) with specialisation in Biology and Chemisty in 2014. After one year of German studies at the University of Zurich he decided to move to Arts and was accepted for a one year Art School preparation class at F+F School of Art and Design before he applied for Animation at Hochschule Luzern.

In his free time he does voluntary work for Jugendarbeit St. Urban in Winterthur. Among other events, they organise several camps for children and teenagers. The camp where he manely participates is called Filmbrugg, where he produces short movies with young amateur actors. There he developped his high intersts in movie making, technical software and teaching.





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