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Jürgen Buchinger

Jürgen Buchinger's artistic practice often deals with social and political topics and encompasses a wide range of media from video and sound installations to social interaction and collaborative works. He is opposed to the current system of global financial capitalism and believes in talking to each other as a political practice that can be fostered by art. Instead of solutions he aims to find poetic forms for over-complex but important topics to raise questions in his audience.

He is interested in using language as a material for evoking emotions rather than communicating concepts and in the poetry of formalised language.


Jürgen Buchinger studied art history, philosophy and French language and literature at the University of Vienna. In 2010 he founded all-over, a journal for art and aesthetics together with Hannah Bruckmüller and Dominique Laleg and has been editor/publisher there until 2019. Since 2012 he works as a research assistant at Raussmüller Collection where, apart from research to artworks and artists in the collection, he is responsible for photo- and video-documenting works and exhibitions. Since his graduation at the University of Vienna, Buchinger has published several scientific texts including essays on aesthetics of documentary film and the documentary impulse in art. In 2018, he started a Master‘s in Film at the Lucerne School of Art and Design where he graduated in June 2020 with the video installation The Housing Question: An Odyssey. Since 2021 Buchinger works on an artistic PhD project on moving immages in public space at Kunst Universität Linz and Hochschule Luzern in the SNSF funded research project Moving in Every Direction.




2020 Zur Wohnungsfrage: Eine Odyssee
2018 Live-Test