Guidelines for festival submissions

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  • Before starting your festival submissions Project Submission , the films have to be submitted according to the project submission and all details of the film must be deposited in this wiki according to the template for student film (Template for Studentfilm).
  • Films from the 1st or 2nd year are only supported after consultation with the management team
  • The HSLU logo must be shown in the credits

Festival submission and promotion

  • The BA Animation offers a one year of promotion for the graduation films from the moment of the school premiere until the next year's premiere.
  • We have a festival list to which we send a personalised email to each programmer informing them of the new films. Parallel to this contact, the undergraduate has the possibility to submit his/her film officially using the information on that list.
  • We answer all incoming requests concerning our newer and older films. We also receive at the department different special requests for older films and or asked to curate and present special programs.
  • The department submits officially to the following festivals each year the new films: Locarno, Winterthur, Solothurn, Animatou and Fantoche. The undergraduates have nothing to do for these festivals.
  • We also make sure the undergraduate is informed on his/her eligibility for the Schweizer Filmpreis.
  • We also send festivals the digital screening copies. We create every year DCPs, ProRes, MOV and any other requested screening file format links.
  • We also send the festivals information on the department and our films using the aniwiki througout the process from submission to selection.
  • We inform everyone at the department of the undergraduates successes that are pushed on our website and social medias.
  • We give support directly to our undergraduates answering their different questions. This one year promotional support can sometimes be prolonged upon assessment of the options and promotional activities of a film.

For futher information on our promotion, please contact Chantal Molleur at

Festival acceptance

  • Please keep us informed of your festival selections in order for us to give you the support needed.

Additional tips

Create a password-protected Vimeo link, which is only for viewing festivals.

DCP / 35mm Copy

If a film is accepted and shown at one of the festivals mentioned above, the HSLU BA Animation will pay a maximum of two DCP of this film. These copies are the property of the BA Animation department. Each additional copy you have to order yourself and pay yourself.

Required information

It is also important that you deliver us your current email address, as your school email addresses are deleted after graduation.

What happens after 1 year of active promotion ?

As a rule, the active promotion is for one year. BA Animation sends the screening copy. Registration and contact with the festival are with you. Afterwards, the rights to the film do not change. Also, the requests from festivals to us will be forwarded without comment to your private email addresses.