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Hello there.

My name is Jennifer Meier. I was born 1996 and have been drawing ever since I can remember holding a pen. Throughout my life I've had a love-hate relationship with art, as we do, as artists. I went to the Liceo Artistico in Zurich, a Gymnasium with the focus art, and since art was part of school there, I started to loathe it.

Finally I managed to find my love for it again as I found a certain thing called fanart! It drew me back and made me want to become better, and also gave me the push to study animation. These three years have been some of the best and hardest of my life.

Now I am hoping to become independent, but if that doesn't work, a part-time job as a cashier should do the job I guess.

A Jenny worm in her natural habitat. (And an annoyed Arnold Wagner in his natural habitat)






2017 Dinner Without Joe - Animation Assistant

2018 The Egg of Venus - Animation & Director

2019 Walk With Me - Animator & Director