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Meisel Gabriel
Meisel Gabriel

Gabriel Meisel studied Social Work in a Bachelor at the FHNW (Basel). Since his degree he is trying to combine social work with artistic methods. After his studies in social work he started studying post-industrial design ,whereas he co- founded an association “ZurBleibe” which deals on social questions of migrants and refugees living in Basel. From 2015 – 2020 he was working as a street worker at the (MJAB/R), an association that is working on participative youth projects, in the public spaces in and around Basel. Out of his practice as a music producer and DJ he co-founded the music label “Oro Negro” which is focussed on releasing Electronic Bass Music and hosting concerts and events around Basel. As a filmmaker Gabriel Meisel focuses on documentary and trans disciplinary works.


Bachelor in Sozialer Arbeit (FHNW)
Bachelor in Prozessgestaltung am Institut HyperWerk an der HGK Basel
2015 - ongoing
Co-Founding Association "ZurBleibe"
Co-Founding Music Label "Oro Negro"
Music Productions with "Twerking Class Heroes"
Employee @ Mobile Jugendarbeit Basel & Riehen
Master in Film @ HSLU



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