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Opening hours

Tuesday and Thursday for 12:30 to 13:30, Room U138, Building 745 Viscosi

If no one is there come see us at the office or send us an email. Usually we do not give out or take back any material at any other time.


You can rent material or software licenses for your project. You will get an email with all the details. You have to check if the material listed in the email matches the material you've got and let us know within a day if any material is damaged or missing. Do the same before bringing it back to the rental. If you bring it back too late you will have to pay a fine. Read the rest of the page for the details.


Contact for damage report

Rental Rules for Students

  • All students, lecturers and employees of MA Film / Design and BA Animation are entitled to rent. Lending to other disciplines only after approval of the program director.
  • The renters are liable for the rented material. Renting is only allowed to those who have valid insurance.
  • The lending of equipment for students and employees is exclusively for the material provided by their respective degree program. Renting equipment from the other study program is possible, but requires the prior approval.
  • Certain devices may only be borrowed after a technical introduction. These devices are noted in the system accordingly.
  • Renting and returning is only possible during the opening hours in the room U138. Returns to employees' workplaces are not accepted.
  • The material is usually loaned for a maximum of four weeks or project based. Extended loans in connection with lesson modules are only possible after consultation with the respective assistant.
  • You can only rent a predefined set - not single items of a set.
  • For late return dunning fees are charged.
  • Report any damaged material immediately.
  • The rented material may only be used for projects related to studies at the University. Devices with extended loan periods (2 months) may not be removed from the premises of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.
  • The following priorities apply to rentals in BA Animation: Modules> Lecturers / Staff> Final Projects> 3. BA> 2. BA> 1. BA> Other. For all loans, the prioritization is regulated by the course assistant.

Dunning fees for Students

For late return a dunning fee is charged. The delay will be counted from Tuesday to Thursday or from Thursday to Tuesday - each being considered 1 warning.

  • The first warning is considered a reminder.
  • The second warning costs 10 swiss francs and the person is "banned". To be "banned" means the person is not able to rent any material.
  • Any other warning will add 10 swiss francs to the fee - up to 100 swiss francs.
  • The status "banned" can only be reset with paying the fine.
  • After the fourth warning we additionally need a written confirmation of the head of your department to reset the "ban".
  • In the case of illness of the student or for another plausible reason, the head of department may waive the reminder fee.

Procedure for paying the dunning fees

  1. Select non-profit institution:
    1. Blender Foundation
    2. Krita Foundation
    3. Wikipedia
    4. Médecins Sans Frontières
    5. Insieme Luzern
    6. Contenti Luzern
    7. propose another, but get the confirmation first
  2. Deposit
  3. Show the proof of deposit to the student assistant.


The rules of the current study agreement apply and the conclusion of a liability insurance is a matter of the students. The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences declines all liability.

Rental rules for employees and student assistants

Every rent must be entered in the rental system. A computer is available in room U138.

All persons who have access to the rental need an introduction to the rental software.

Modules with large quantities of material (more that can be handled 20 minutes) need to organize a special event to rent and to return material. The same applies for any special event or course. Applications are usually made a week before the desired date.

Tasks of the student assistant

The student assistant is responsible for:

  • the proper issue and return of the rental material.
  • the completeness, re-registration, maintenance and classification of rental material.
  • reporting to the respective assistant the current workload.
  • Management of the dunning system.
  • Mark defective or missing material immediately after the return in the rentalman and report it to the respective assistant.
  • small repairs such as light bulb change (Attention no electrical work!).
  • the inventory. (Only once a year together with assistance).

Tasks for the assistant of MA Film and BA Animation

  • Introduce the student assistant to the rental software.
  • prepares rental lists for modules with large quantities of material, communicates these to the student assistants and reserves the corresponding material
  • is responsible for the inventory and ongoing documentation of new materials, loans, repairs, etc. of their department
  • communicates to their students via email, etc. the extraordinary closing times of the lending.
  • Organizes the annual inventory.
  • Organizes the repair of defective equipment.
  • Organizes the purchase of replacement material.
  • Organizes the purchase of new material in consultation with the course director and production support.
  • Ensures early introduction of new student assistants, so that no know-how is lost