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The Animation Bachelor offers students a variety of possibilities for expanding their horizon and gaining new experiences in a new environment. On this page you will find some possibilities for doing so.

Please note: Spending an entire semester for an exchange while receiving ECTS points is only possible once during your time at the HSLU. If you wish to visit a partner school and complete an internship, we recommend the school exchange for receiving ECTS points and organizing your internship to take place during a semester break, so that you don’t miss any official modules. We are happy to assist you in making the right decision, should you have questions or doubts.

Partner school exchange

During the spring semester of your first or second BA year it’s possible to do a school exchange for a whole semester (or parts of it) at one of our partner schools. To increase your chances of going abroad, you can apply for 2 schools, indicating your 1st and 2nd priority.

Note: If you are accepted to your first priority, you are obliged to accept immediately without waiting for the second priority school’s notice.

Application deadline for a school exchange in spring is at the end of September. To apply, follow the steps listed on the official HSLU page: Vorgehen für ein Austauschsemester im Ausland

Please inform us of your plans in advance, so that we can keep track of the numbers of incoming/outgoing students. (i.e. "cc/bcc" the ASO in your E-mails with the HSLU international office)   


An internship in Switzerland or abroad is a great way for students to test and improve their skills in an existing work environment and take on new challenges, as well as to make professional connections prior to graduating. An internship is also recommendable if one already has a studio in mind where one would like to later find work. Past interns are often preferred when a new job opening comes up.

Collected Internship Reports

Application deadline for a spring internship is at the end of January. Download the document „Antrag Praktikum“ from the official HSLU-page and bring it filled out and signed to the ASO. This means you will have to have a signed agreement from a studio ready by then, so usually it’s a good idea to start contacting studios in autumn already.

Read about some of our student’s experiences here and study the official HSLU document "Guidelines for Internships".

Further education and residencies

Residencies: do you need to take some time to develop your next idea? To experiment with a style? To write a script? To be inspired by a different location? We recommend this for students who are just about to finish their studies.

Focal: Workshops and courses organised by the "Schweizerischen Stiftung für Film und Audiovision" (SSA)

Movietia: international workshop cooperations

ASF (Animation Sans Frontières): International project development workshop for animation directors and producers. During the course of one year, 4 week-long workshops are offered in 4 world renowned animation schools and studios.


If you have questions such as: "Which school could I visit if I'm particularly interested in XYZ?" "Where can I find a list of animation studios in Switzerland?" "Has anyone already tried to get in to XYZ and can give me tipps?" you can contact our ASO.

For questions concerning financial support, informationa bout ERASMUS programs (or similar) as well as everything to do with your ECTS points during the time you’re gone, contact HSLU’s official student exchange/international office.