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The following table contains scholarships, residencies and project financing that can be applied for by filmmakers and artists.

If the link does not work try using only the domain name (f.i.

Last update: November 2020

What Where What Restrictions
Migros Kulturprozent – StoryLab

Das Migros-Kulturprozent Story Lab ist ein Laboratorium für alle audiovisuellen narrativen Formate: von Kinofilm bis Serie, von Virtual Reality bis Games. Der Förderfokus liegt auf dem Weg zur Verwirklichung einer Idee.

CH Project support CH
Stiftung Berliner Leben, Urban Nation
3 - 6 months residency for artists in Berlin, free accomodation, costs of living (500 EUR), material costs (300 EUR), mobility costs (100 EUR) (all per month)

Restriction: Has to be resident in or citizen of EU member states
DE Residency EU
Atelier Mondial
Christoph Merian Stiftung
11 residencies at nine different destinations (Berlin, Buenos Aires, Jerewan, Hangzhou, Johannesburg, New York, Oxaca, Paris, Tokyo) and one travel stipend for professional creatives in the field of visual arts

Restriction: Has to be resident in BS, BL, SO, Südbaden to Freiburg and Elsass
When: August
INT Residency CH
MAK Center
Österreichisches Bundeskanzleramt
Six month residency in Los Angeles for early career cultural producers from around the world for projects exploring and complicating the relation between art and architecture; incl. round-trip flight ticket and scholarship

When: early March
US Residency
Studio Residency
Pro Helvetia
3 month studio residency for artists in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan or Sri Lanka incl. cost of travel, insurances and per diem expenses

When: March
INT Residency
Villa Aurora
Organisation Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e.V.
Three month residency in Los Angeles for artists in the field of visual arts, composing, literature and performance, incl. round-trip flight ticket, scholarship and a lump sum for material costs

Restriction: Has to have already presented a film at a festival, in cinemas or TV; has to live in Germany; Residency will not be awarded to students
US Residency DE
Atelier 105
Light Cone
artist residencies (2-3 weeks) in Paris dedicated to video-based post-production of (photographic) films that fall within the realm of experimental cinema

Restriction: residency is for post-production of projects currently in progress
When: several times a year
FR Residency
Research Residency
Pro Helvetia
max. 4 weeks residency for artists and cultural practitioners in an Arab Country, India (or other south Asian countries), China, Russia or Southern Africa; incl. cost of travel, insurances and per diem expenses, for a specific cultural exchange project with sustainable impact and international resonance

When: continuously
INT Residency
Bibliothek Andreas Züst
4 weeks residency for Swiss and foreign cultural practitioners in the Panoramaherberge Aplenhof in the swiss canton Appenzell, incl. travel costs and accomodation

Restriction: Preferably projects that deal with the library as a whole or one of its branches
When: 31. Mai, 31. Oktober
CH Residency
Roma Calling
Istituto Svizzero
twelve ten-month residencies running from September to July, the residencies are for artists (visual arts, design, architecture, literature, dance, theatre and music) and researchers (social, human and natural sciences)

Restriction: The call is addressed to Swiss citizens and residents as well as figures who have established solid relations with the Swiss scientific and cultural scene. Candidates are required to present a personal research project that would necessitate or benefit from a stay in Rome and fit into a project of interdisciplinary collaboration between art and science.
When: Juli bis September
IT Residency CH
La Bande Vidéo
exhibition fees and technical support as well as lodging during the installation of an exhibition video or media arts in Quebec; or a residency

Restriction: The center produces and exhibits mostly, video installations, single-channel experimental and animated videos and virtual reality projects as well as 360° films
When: January
CA Residency
Work Grant
Pro Helvetia
Production grant of up to CHF 25’000 for works in the field of visual arts (incl. performance, new media, artist’s books and photography) for artists whose work enjoys cross-regional recognition with a proven track record in their field

Restriction: applicants must be permanently resident in Switzerland
When: continuously
CH Project support
Fachausschuss Film und Medienkunst BS/BL
Präsidialdepartement Basel-Stadt, Abteilung Kultur
The Fachausschuss Film und Medienkunst supports independent film productions and media arts projects

Restriction: applicants must be resident in Basel-Land or Basel-Stadt for at least one year; no support for Master- or Bachelor-projects
When: January 21, May 20, October 21
Project support CH
UBS Kulturstiftung
supports the production of professional documentary films that have major cultural relevance as well as public and sustainable impact with a contribution of CHF 200’000 to 1'000'000

Restriction: Applicants must have Swiss cititzenship or be resident in Switzerland or have a deep connection to Switzerland
When: Spring and Autumn
Project support CH
Migros Kulturprozent
Development of ideas, postproduction, documentary films, film festivals and film projects that offer new perspectives and give impulses for the development of film

Restriction: Swiss nationality or four years residence in Switzerland
When: continuously
Project support CH
Stiftung Corymbo
supports translations of movies (subtitles), that stand out due to exceptional social, ecological or cultural engagement
Project support
Documentary Film Fund
engaging feature-length documentaries in post-production which exhibit compelling stories, intriguing characters and an innovative visual approach

Restriction: Project must be in, or within three months of, post-production; for filmmakers older than 19 years
When: March
Project support
Catapult Film Fund
development funding for documentary films, up to USD 20'000

Restriction: filmmakers have secured access to their story, and are ready to shoot and edit a piece for production fundraising purposes

When: continuously

Project support
Christoph Merian Stiftung
Interdisciplinary, participative and socially relevant projects with a relation to Basel

Restriction: projects must be producen in Basel
When: continuously
CH Project support
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Project support for professional cultural activities of all disciplines and styles in all of Switzerland, especially for young talents
CH Project support
Mobiliar Jubiläumsstiftung
die Mobiliar
financial support for insitutions or persons that are active in Switzerland

When: Spring and Summer
Project support
Sloan Science in Cinema Filmmaker Fellowship
SFFILM, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
a USD 35'000 cash grant and a two-month residency at FilmHouse, SFFILM’s suite of production offices for local and visiting independent filmmakers in San Francisco, for feature films that explore scientific or technological themes or characters

Restriction: There must be realistic scientific or technological content at the center of the screenplay
US Residency, project support
SFFILM Women, Peace, and Security Fellowship
SFFILM, Compton Foundation
a USD 25'000 cash grant and a two-month residency at FilmHouse, SFFILM’s suite of production offices for local and visiting independent filmmakers in San Francisco

Restriction: Film must tell the story of a woman’s or group of women’s efforts to manage or end conflict and advance peace in the context of armed conflict, security, and/or violent extremism
US Residency, project support
Berwick Visual Arts Residencies
This residency provides the artist the opportunity to produce a new piece of work during the 6 month period to be premiered at the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival in Berwick-upon-Tweed in September of each year

Restriction: artists must be currently resident in the UK and Europe, or have permission to work in the UK
When: late Autumn
UK Residency EU
La Résidence du Festival de Cannes
a residency in the middle of Paris, a personal tutoring programme for the development of a script and a programme of collective encounters with filmm professionals, EUR 800 per month scholarship; for young filmmakers that work on their first or second fiction feature film

When: March
FR Residency
Aide aux écritures de cinéma
Moulin d’Andé
residency for film authors off all formats, genres and lengths of 15 to 60 days with full room and board at Le Moulin d'Andé, under professional patronage

Restriction: Project must be in French and presented by a francophone autor (or co-authors). Authors must be francophone.
When: October
FR Residency
Just Films
grant for artist-driven independent, documentary film, video, and emerging media projects that explore timely social justice issues, with a focus on reducing inequality

When: continuously
Project support
Sundance Documentary Fund
grant for projects that display: artful film language, effective storytelling, originality and feasibility, contemporary cultural relevance, and potential to reach and connect with its intended audience

When: continuously
Project support
Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund
finishing funds for feature-length documentaries which highlight and humanize issues of social importance from around the world, based anywhere, that are in production or post-production with intended premiere exhibition

When: April
Project support
New Perspectives Seed Fund
Doc Society
project support for directors from anywhere around the world, of any level of experience for the development of documentary features on issues of social justice, driven by filmmakers who exhibit a unique perspective granted by their connection to the community or issue at hand

Restriction: Doesn’t fund Art Films, Biographies, Films in mid-production, Profiles, News, Current Affairs, Fiction
When: October
Project support, Documentary
Hirschmann Stipendium
Hirschmann Stiftung
Scholarship of CHF 5’000 - 10’000 for students that do a censecutive Master's degree at a Swiss Fachhochschule

Restriction: above average grades, Master's without interruptionn after Bachelor's
When: April 15, Oktober 15
CH Scholarship CH
Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft
Stipendium for foreign artists who completed their Bachelor's degree

Restriction: Students of the arts in their first Master's program in Switzerland
When: August
CH Scholarship
Göhner Stipendium für Kunstschaffende
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Scholarship for financially struggling art students

When: May
CH Scholarship
Förderplattform FPF
Bundesamt für Kultur
The Förderplattform FPF is a centralised web applicationn for the electronic entry of applications by cultural organisations and cultural practicioners of Switzerland to the Bundesamt für Kultur (BAK)

Restriction: Applicants must be resident in Switzerland
Project support CH
Zürcher Filmstiftung
Support for development, production and dissemination of film projects of all genres; excluded is support for post-production

Restriction: Applicants must be resident in the canton of Zürich
Project support CH
Innerschweizer Filmpreis
Albert Koechlin Stiftung
gives awards to realised short film projects by young established filmmakers in the Innerschweiz

Restriction: Applicants must be resident in Luzern, Schwyz, Nidwalden, Uri or Obwalden
Award CH
Robert Bosch Stiftung
international research grant for authors, filmmakers and photographers

Restriction: for German language publications only
When: continuously
INT Scholarship
Fogo Island Arts
Residency on Fogo Island for one or two months; Artists-in-residence in the fields of film, visual art, arts writing, music/sound, curating, design and theory are provided with a studio, accommodation in a traditional Newfoundland home, a vehicle for on-island use, and a weekly stipend to offset the costs of materials and day-to-day living expenses. Most travel expenses are covered
CA Residency
Goethe Institut Residencies
Goethe Institut
57 international residency programs for a wide variety of disciplines

Restriction: most of the residencies are for people with residence in Germany
INT Residency DE
Berner Filmförderung
Kanton Bern
Financial support for the production of movies, documentaries, animation or experimental films

Restriction: Only projects that aim to spend 150% of the proposed amount in the Kanton Bern. No TV-movies.
CH Project support
Fondation romande pour le cinéma
Financial support for realisation of movies (supplementary), distribution (min. 60 min) and writing/conception of innovative moving image projects
CH Project support
Bemis Artist in Residence
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
provide artists from around the world dedicated time, space, and resources to conduct research and to create new work across conceptual, material, performative, and social practices
When: August
US Residency
Al Ma'mal Residency
Al Ma'mal Foundation
visiting artist is given the opportunity to propose and focus on a particular project whilst in residence, which may be influenced or inspired by the reality of daily life in the city, the country and the region
IL Residency
Fellowship Program for Art and Theory
Künstlerhaus Büchesenhausen
internationally relevant artistic production, research, and discussion in the region of Tyrol. The program is based on the idea of generating and maintaining a context for production and discussion, in which artists and theorists can connect and reflect on international art and societal discourses in relation to local topics and issues
What: Minimum residence of five months, production budget, a budget to facilitate the exchange with other experts and to (at least partially) cover the fellows’ own travel costs, free access to the working space, free lodging, as well as artistic and technical advice
When: January
AT Residency