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Rubika (formerly known as SUPINFOCOM) is an animation school with multiple locations. Our partner-school location is in Valenciennes, France. Their three main focuses are Design, Animation, and Videogames. Similar to the HSLU offering the LuMAA course, RUBIKA also offers summer courses in animation. The curriculum includes: two years of preparatory courses (design and applied art, perspective, film analysis, video, color, 2D animation, art history, sculpture, communication, English) and three years of specialisation in computer graphics (3D software, screenplay, storyboards, animation, compositing, 3D production, sound, editing). The final year of study is devoted to the team-based production of a short film in CG.

Please note: during the 4th semester they are largely focused on 2D and various other skills - read the 2019 exchange report for more information!

Specialties: art design, CGI animation

Course language: French / English



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