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The standard period of study in the MA Film of the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts is 4 Semesters (2 years). This equals 120 ECTS. The maximal duration of the programme is 8 Semesters.

The programme has three specializations: Animation, Short Motion, and Interaction. The Students of all three specializations study together and chose from the same courses. Mentoring and coaching are individual and growing parts of the program are composed of eligible courses. We are specializing in storytelling and in documentary forms inside and outside the cinema. We do not specialize in live action films.


The Modules of the MA Film are explained on the Website of the Programme.

Lateral entrants/Career Jumpers

You have the possibility to study an MA Film as a lateral entrant (career jumper) with a bachelor (or equivalent) in a design-relevant topic (including social science, philological, historical and critical studies) and a strong portfolio of filmic work you have pursued. For Animation you will need a BA in Animation or an equivalent.

Part-Time Studies

Due to the modular structure of our programme and the large extent of eligible content in our programme, we can offer highly individualized study paths for part-time students.

Elegible courses

Eligible Courses in the Transfermodul, Fachmodul and Exchangemodul of MA Film

The programme of the MA Film has elective courses in the Transfermodule, the Fachmodule and the Exchangemodule. Some parts are clustered into "tracks".

Students chose those tracks to specialize in their studies in a certain field (Film Financing; Self-Marketing; Expanded Cinema). The Fachmodule and the Exchangemodule have a list of free eligible courses from which the necessary number of units to pass the module. Those courses are provided by the MA Film and partly by other study programmes of the Lucerne University of Arts.


Business tracks

The students of the MA Film have to choose one of two "business tracks". The choice is made according to the goal for their master thesis.

Track Film Financing

In the Film Financing Track, students will work on the "Film Dossier" for their master project. The dossier is needed for the financing of the film in the Swiss system of film funding. It is the basis for the cooperation with an external production company and will be finished with this company before handing in to the funding bodies. The following three courses/days are part of this track:

  • Filmdossier-Course and Coaching (link)
  • Film-Production (link)
  • Producer's day: Meet the Producers (link)
Track Film Financing

The self Marketing Track provides the basic knowledge for students who plan to start their own company, work as freelancer, as an artist or apply for jobs in the field of studies. It gives information about alternative ways of funding in the arts and culture as well as a foundation of business-principles if you start your own business.

  • Self-Marketing Course (link)
  • Filmrecht (link)


Elegible Courses (in Fachmodul A and B)

The Fachmodul gives freedom to chose from a variety of courses to obtain the non-mandatory party of the module.

The Fachmodul (with semester modules A, B and C) comprises a total of 12 Credit Points (CP). Six of those are mandatory and 6 are eligible. Students are free to chose the elegible courses, but to give you a possible guideline for your choices we cluster some of these courses to our Expand Media Track. We encourage you to chose all courses in this track if you are interested in spatial filmic forms.

Expanded Cinema (6CP)

  • Expanded Cinema I + II
  • AR/VR
  • Video for the Stage
  • Film in Spatial Contexts
  • Expanded Cinema Guest-Workshop

Other elegible Courses from the MA Film

  • Scriptwriting
  • Film and Media History
  • FilmClub
  • Design Techniques
  • Camera and Image-Making
  • Character Design in Animation
  • Editing & Montage
  • Sound design
  • Drawing as a Language
  • Knowledge Mediation
  • Found Footage
  • Film Analysis
  • WorkShops
  • Sound Editing
  • Drawing as a Language
  • Storyboarding
Additional Courses
  • Courses of the BA Animation, which are open to MA Students. When attending these courses no Creditpoints are given.
  • NAKUs

FachModule C: MA Film Viewing List:

This is a mandatory part of the Fachmodul in the MA Film. You chose from a structured list of films and audiovisual work to learn about the history of your wider profession. Please find all information on the following website: Viewing List


In the Exchangemodul, your freedom to chose is expanded to the whole 12 CP and you have a larger variety of possibilities to chose from. You can acquire the necessary points for the Exchangemodul with - amog others- the following courses and activities:

  • Courses of the FM and GM
  • Individual Projects
  • Courses from other programs of the HSLU (MA and BA)
  • IDA-courses (in the spring semester)
  • Internships from outside the school
  • Filmdossier or Selfmarketing course from FM (the course you didn´t chose before)

For more information please refer to the regulation of the MA Film.

Other Elegible/Introductory Courses

  • Camera Introduction
  • Sound Introduction
  • Editing Introduction
  • NAKUS (in Cooperation with the BA Animation)

MA Film Team

  • Truniger Fred
  • Müller Robert
  • Ehmann Jochen
  • Zimmermann Christina
  • Hugonnier Marine
  • Kofmel Anja
  • Sieger Ted
  • García Carlos Isabel
  • Gassmann Thomas
  • Stofer Ruth
  • Rentemeister Elke
  • Krautkrämer Florian
  • First Jean

External lecturers:

  • Goldberg Marcy
  • Brütsch Andres
  • Weber Brigitta
  • Molleur Chantal
  • Kowalska Jadwiga

Rent Equipment

Exchange/ Studying abroad

Students of the MA Film can study abroad for one or more semesters. The Lucerne University of Art and Design has a list of partner institutions worldwide. If you are interested, you can profit from existing Exchange Programms or go abroad as a free mover. For more information please refer your questionsto the international office.

Grants, Scholarships and Foundations

The following table contains scholarships, residencies and project financing that can be applied for by filmmakers and artists.


If you have any questions regarding the screenings of our films, please contact the promotion coordinator.

Distribution and Sale

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