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  • dream sequences
  • accordion music
  • joke after the credits
  • a penguin representing the death
  • Vertical Video
  • phone jumping when it rings
  • A film about "The meaning of life", "Circle of life" or "Sitting in front of a computer in a office is the worst thing that can happen in your life"
  • photo realistic rendered images
  • power cable out of plasticine
  • Using your own voice as a narrator
  • long takes of clouds, sky, rain or statues
  • POV (except for pornos)
  • (exept in Jadwigas films)
  • moths and flies flying around a light bulb and butterflies doing anything
  • take of a clock showing 08:15
  • film about your own grandmother
  • film title including the word "Monster"
  • establishing shot
  • credit/film < 1/6
  • god-rays
  • beauty is enough
  • use filenames to manage your project
  • a woman who changes her mind because of her feelings for a baby or child
  • ugly text plates
  • arial narrow, comic sans and papyrus (one exception: if you "weaponize" them)
  • disappointment sigh and slouch