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Required Records

Attention: projects missing this deadlines will not be accepted for the final exam.

Friday, 14. June 2019

until 12:00 (CET) use the Template for Studentfilm and Template for Studentpage to add all information of you and your films made at this school to this wiki.

Monday, 17. June 2019

until 23:59 (CET) upload all files according to the Project Submission to the server. The location will be communicated.

Zip the following files, give the zip a logical name and copy it to the same folder as the film above.

  • 6 Stills
  • a picture of the filmmakers
  • a short biography of the filmmakers and the synopsis of the film in German and English in a plain text file
  • a list of the credits in a plain text

Wednesday, 3. June 2019

Submit your personal examination criterion to the Artistic Associate.

Friday, 5. June 2019

until 12:00 (CET) mail the musiclist for the SUISA to the artistic associate. To promote your film online create a short trailer and upload to the server (location will be communicated). The trailer will be uploaded to our vimeo site and can be linked to your vimeo account. Do not upload your final film immediately to an online platform without consulting us first. You can upload you entire film after it was shown in festivals - after about a year - to your platform of choice. Please create a link to our site as the producer of your film.

Jury 2019

The presentation in front of the jury is on Wednesday to Friday, 19. - 21. June 2019 in the cinama REX - room 045. The jury this year are Haas Jürgen (Head), Gasser Christian, Ehmann Jochen, Mumford Jane and our external juror Annegret Richter from AG Animationsfilm, Deutschland. The presentation of the projects is public and can be held in german or english. Be aware that the places in the cinema are limited.

Read more on the official information.

Werkschau 2019

The Werkschau takes place from Friday to Sunday 21. - 30. June 2019 at the Messe Luzern . The vernissage starts Friday 21. June 2019 at 18:00 (CET).

Exhibition buildup is from Monday to Friday 17. - 21. June 2019, the dismantling on Monday 1. July 2019. Responsible for the coordination is the artistic assistant .

Premiere 2019

The premiere starts on Wednesday 26. June 2019 at 18:00 (CET) at the Cinema Maxx, Emmenbrücke, followed by an aperitif.

Diplomas 2019

The diplomas will be given to you on Saturday 28. June at the Messe Luzern 2019. The invitations will be sent to you from the offices of Hochschule Luzern.

Timeline 2019

Also see at the entries starting with "3BA" on the Animation Students Calendar.

Date Task Details Deadline
13. Sept Pitch Poster deadline

Anyone who wishes to present a project can send us a poster (according to guidelines to be found on the student server) and the filled-out factsheet (will be sent to you by the ASO/ASI). The school will take care of printing the posters.

E-mail to Artistic Associate (ASO) CC Artistic Assistant (ASI) by 9:00
18. Sept Pitch Pitch Day

Each pitch must be done in under 5 minutes.

Room 145, 15:00
20. Sept Pitch Pitch choice deadline

Choose which 3 projects are your favourites and which 3 projects you could imagine working on, naming specific functions.

E-mail to ASO by 11:00
24. Sept Thesis Kick-Off

Christian Gasser and Franziska Trefzer give you the first information on your coming work.

Room 140, 10:00
24. Sept Pitch Selection Results

The ranking of Pitches is presented and suggestions made as to how to form groups.

Room 140, 14:00
25.-28. Sept Pitch Selection Feedback

Meetings with Jürgen Haas, Ted Sieger and Paul Bush can be requested to help form groups or receive further feedback on the results of the Pitch Selection.

Room tba
15. Oct Thesis Name your topic and mentor

Note: you should have contacted the mentor of your choice beforehand to make sure they have the capacity.

E-mail to ASO by 11:00
29. Oct Thesis Exposé deadline

upload your PDF named year_yourname_titleofwork_Exposé (i.e. 2018_SaraSmith_WordsandImages_Exposé) to a folder on the server

Upload to server

by 11:00

31. Oct BA project Name your mentor

Note: contact the mentor of your choice beforehand to make sure they have the capacity to take on your project

E-mail to ASO and project-mentor by 11:00
5.Nov -


BA project Project preparation module

with Ted Sieger and Paul Bush

Room 140
26.Nov - 14.Dec BA project Dossier module

you will develop with Ted Sieger and Gerd Gockell a written dossier and a storyboard to apply for funding

Room 140/145
3. Dec Thesis First draft deadline

upload your PDF named year_yourname_titleofwork_Draft (i.e. 2018_SaraSmith_Words_Draft) to a folder on the server

Upload to server

by 11:00

21.Dec BA project First draft deadline

upload your PDF named year_projectname_Draft (i.e. 2018_BestFilmEver_Draft) to a folder on the server

Upload to server

by 11:00

3.-4.Jan BA project Animatic editing session 1

a session with Dominik Gehring to discuss and evaluate the state of your project's current animatic.

Location and timetable tba by ASO/Gehring
7. Jan BA project Dossier deadline!

Late delivery implies the immediate disqualification from the BA-process. No FX possible.

Upload your PDF named year_projectname_Dossier (i.e. 2018_BestFilmEver_Dossier) to a folder on the server

Upload to server

by 23:59

8. Jan BA project Dossier deadline

4 printed physical copies. 1x SRF, 1x jury, 1x archive, 1x office

On desk of ASO by 16:00
9. Jan BA project Animatics presentation

ZHdK film-music composing students will visit us and receive a short presentation of your films after which you can network.

Cinema REX 10-12:00
9. Jan BA project Animatics upload

upload your animatics (converted down to under 500MB!) named year_projectname_AnimaticV1 (i.e. 2018_BestFilmEver_AnimaticV1) to a folder on the server (tba by ASO)

Upload to server

by 16:00

18. Jan Thesis Last chance for feedback

from your mentors before handing in your thesis.

Individually by E-mail
4. Feb Thesis Thesis deadline digital & analogue

Late delivery implies the immediate disqualification from the BA-process. No FX possible. - upload your PDF named year_yourname_titleofwork_Thesis (i.e. 2018_SaraSmith_WordsandImages_Thesis) to a folder on the server (tba by ASO)

- put 3 physical copies onto the ASO's desk or, in case the office is closed, leave them somewhere in the atelier and e-mail the ASO their location

Both by 16:00
5. Feb BA project Kick-Off Lineproducing

you will meet your Lineproducer and she will introduce you to the production pipeline and instruct you on how to cooperate with her.

Room 151, 10:00
11. Feb onwards BA project Voice recordings

possible from second week of February onwards. Get in touch with Thomas Gassman if you want to reserve a session.

Sound studio
14/15 or 20/21Feb BA project Acting reference shots: visiting actresses and actors will work with you on key shots of your film. They will be recorded for further use. Room tba, all day
26. Feb BA project Animatic editing session 2

a second session with Dominik Gehring to discuss and evaluate the state of your project's current edit.

Location and timetable tba
5. Mar BA project Sound design

send a current animatic (compress it!) with your music layout and a description of your sound design concept to Thomas Gassmann and Christof Steinmann

E-mail them by midday
6. Mar BA project Mitarbeiterbörse / Helper's market

get helpers on board by holding a presentation of your project for lower classes and alumni where you can tell them what you're looking for.

Room 151, 17:30

with apéro!

11./12.Mar BA project Sound design meetings

with Thomas Gassmann

Infos tba by Thomas
13. Mar Exam Examination criteria (practical work)

Choose a subject from your project to be judged by in particular (for example set design, concept art, story, animation, character design, editing etc...)

Any changes in your subject after that must be discussed with Jürgen Haas!

E-mail ASO by 11:00
21./22.Mar BA project Animatic editing session 3

last session with Dominik Gehring to discuss and evaluate the state of your project's current edit.

Location and timetable tba
2. April BA project GO or No-Go

All projects present their most recent Animatic along with the current state of their Lineproducing. Jürgen Haas, Thomas Gassmann and Luana Derungs will evaluate if proceeding with foleys is realistic. If not, alternative steps will be recommended (in the most extreme cases, Foleys/Sound can be delayed until next year or transferred to an external producer).

Room 151, 9:00-15:00
23. April - 2. May BA project Foley recordings

with Dieter Hebben. PICTURELOCK for Foleys 1 day before recording session date (will be communicated by Thomas Gassmann or ASO)

Sound Studio
29. April Thesis Thesis Mentors' grades and feedback

sent to Jürgen Haas and ASO (will not be communicated to Students yet)

E-mail ASO by 11:00
10. Mai Promo Postcard & poster file deadline

The prototypes can be found on the server > studierende > Vorlagen > Poster/Postkarten. Think about creating your own e-mail for on the postcard (i.e. Important: Film title will be fixed from this point on!

Upload to server by 16:00
24. Mai BA project Fantoche preview version

HSLU students are uniquely allowed to send unfinished works-in-progress to be viewed by the Jury. So if you're lucky, your film can then be screened as a premiere at the Fantoche International Animation Festival in September!

Upload to server by 23:59