DK.MAAF Film in Spatial Contexts

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DK.MAAF Film in Spatial Contexts
Film in Spatial Contexts
Responsible Palla Ursula
Year 1st and 2nd year
Level Master
Department Film
Kind Elective
Grade pass-fail
Teaching 17.5. and 18.5.2021 von 9.30-17 Uhr
Palla Ursula

Content / Inhalt

In the traditional setup the lights are turned off, the room disappears and an image appears, magically, on the wall, in front, opposite the seated silent viewers. But what happens when moving images are lifted off the wall, spread around the viewer. What happens when the space is no longer dark but alive and producing its own narrative, or when the projector itself becomes a visible object? What happens when the image is no longer alone but entangled in the midst of other objects, or live performers?

The course Film in Spatial Contexts is designed to raise and discuss such questions as possible. We will look strategies developed by artists, performance artists, and even technicians over the last 100 years to contemporary works of filmic art in space.

Programme / Modulprogramm

Wird zu Beginn des Kurses mitgeteilt.

Methods / Lehr- und Lernmethoden

  • Lectures
  • analysis of examples
  • texts
  • discussions

Proof / Leistungsnachweise

  • Teilnahme am Unterricht (mindestens 80%)

Evaluation / Leistungsbewertung

  • aktive Teilnahme am Unterricht

other Programs and Courses / weitere Module

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