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BA Animation

Download the overview for the spring semester 2021 as a pdf.

First Year

1st semester / Autumn 2nd semester / Spring

DK.AN100.15 Storytelling I

DK.AN101.16 Technik I

DK.AN102.16 Sound I

DK.AN103.16 Art Skills

DK.AN104.16 Stop Motion I

DK.AN105.16 2D Animation I

DK.AN106.16 CGI I

DK.AN110.16 Expanded Animation I

DK.AN111.16 Sound II

DK.AN112.16 2D Animation II

DK.AN113.16 Stop Motion II

DK.AN114.16 CGI II

DK.AN115.16 Animation I

Second Year

3rd semester / Autumn 4th semester / Spring

DK.AN200.18 Applied Project

DK.AN200_1.18 Storytelling II

DK.AN200_2.18 Concept Art

DK.AN200_3.18 Animation II

DK.AN201_4.15 CGI III / VFX I

DK.AN200_5.18 Sound III

DK.AN211.19 Expanded Animation II

DK.AN212.16 Compositing

Third Year

5th semester / Autumn 6th semester / Spring

DK.AN300.16 Experimental Narration

DK.AN301.16 CGI IV / Animation IV


DK.AN303.18 Project Development

DK.AN304.18 Dossier Course

DK.AN310.16 Bachelor Project

DK.AN311.16 Bachelor Presentation

MA Film



Introductory Courses

Fachmodule Transfermodul

DK.MAAF Kamera Einführung

DK.MAAF Schnittplatz Einführung

DK.MAAF Sound Einführung

DK.MAAF Angewandte Animation

DK.MAAF Camera and Image

DK.MAAF Characterdesign in Animation

DK.MAAF Entwurfstechniken

DK.MAAF Erzählen I: Basics

DK.MAAF Erzählen 2: Lineare & Non-Lineare

DK.MAAF Erzählen 3: Figuren

DK.MAAF Erzählen IV: Experimental Narratives

DK.MAAF Excursions

DK.MAAF Expanded Cinema 1

DK.MAAF Film- and Mediahistory I

DK.MAAF Filmrecht

DK.MAAF Schnitt und Motage

DK.MAAF Sounddesign

DK.MAAF Video for the Stage

DK.MAAF XR Production

DK.MAAF Auftreten

DK.MAAF Filmproduktionsdossier

DK.MAAF Methoden

DK.MAAF Selfmarketing

DK.MAAF Writing Workshop



Introductory Courses

Fachmodule Transfermodul

DK.MAAF Sound Editing

DK.MAAF Excursions

DK.MAAF Erzählen V: Digital Visual Storytelling

DK.MAAF Expanded Cinema 2

DK.MAAF Expanded Media 2

DK.MAAF Figuren Entwicklung

DK.MAAF Film Analysis

DK.MAAF Film- and Mediahistory II

DK.MAAF Film in Spatial Contexts

DK.MAAF Found Footage

DK.MAAF Guest Workshop Julian Rosefeldt

DK.MAAF Wissensvermittlung im bewegten Bild

DK.MAAF Filmproduktionsdossier 2

DK.MAAF Methods for Research 2

DK.MAAF Production Management

DK.MAAF Selfmarketing 2

DK.MAAF Writing Workshop 2

Extra-curricular options

NAKUs, Mini-courses given by students for students

Evening Drawing Sessions (once every 2 weeks from the beginning of the autumn semester all the way into February)

LuMAA, a CGI animation summer workshop

Living Lines, a 2D animation summer workshop

Out of Home Animation, Experimental analogue summer workshop