DK.MAAF Methods for Research 2

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DK.MAAF Methods for Research 2
Methods for Research 2
Responsible Rentemeister Elke
Year 1st year
Level Master
Department Film
Kind Mandatory
Grade pass-fail

26.04.2022 und 10.05.2022

9.30 - 17 Uhr
Rentemeister Elke

Objectiv / Zielsetzung

  • The participants are familiar with different methods of cultural and social sciences for the analysis of audiovisual media formats.
  • They are able to critically examine the potential of individual methods with regard to their respective research questions and to select suitable methods for their own work.

Content / Inhalt

The two-semester seminar introduces fundamental concepts of media theory and media research. A first general overview of theories and research methods of the cultural and social sciences is complemented by the detailed, practical examination of individual methods. Among others, the (formalistic) film analysis as well as socio-scientific and ethnographic methods of observing, documenting and interrogating are being tested. The focus is always on which methods can be used productively for which research interests.


  • Bordwell, David/Thompson, Kristin (2001). Film Art. An Introduction. Sixth Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill.
  • Denscombe, Martyn (2014). The Good Research Guide. New York: McGraw-Hill. Jahoda, Marie/Lazarsfeld, Paul F.
  • Zeisel, Hans (2009 [1971, dt. Original 1933]. Marienthal. The Sociography of an Unemployed Community (with a new introduction by Christian Fleck). New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers.

Programme / Modulprogramm

Wird zu Beginn des Kurses mitgeteilt.

Proof / Leistungsnachweise

  • Teilnahme am Unterricht (mindestens 80%)

Evaluation / Leistungsbewertung

  • looking
  • reading
  • discussing
  • trying out
  • experimenting

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