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The animation bachelor program at the Lucerne School of Art, Film & Design has a total duration of 6 semesters, equal to 180 ECTS. The bachelor is composed of modules which teach you in-depth knowledge of all things to do with animation, as well as interdisciplinary artistic topics (+Colabor, +Reflect), ISA modules and theory (+Focus).

Each semester ends with an end-of-semester presentation (SEP). Here you each show in approx. 7 minutes an entertaining summary of your work that you made during the semester, individually or in groups. The module-free weeks are used to prepare the SEP, to finish off or correct projects, or to follow up on personal interests.

You can take up to 6 years to finish your studies. This allows for the possibility of a gap year to do long-term internships, take on jobs, earn money or just collect other life experience.

During your studies it is also possible to do an internship or exchange semester (in the 4th semester). Read more about that on our page: Exchange.

Since part of our curriculum takes place in English and we have exchange students visiting us every year - plus due to the fact that most of the animation community is an English-speaking world - we recommend you have solid knowledge of English. Whoever needs to brush up on their language skills should do this with special courses at HSLU.

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